Friday, May 18, 2012

Fat burning soup recipe

Fat burning soup recipe
Fat burning soup recipe is a list of food that you need to make a portion of healthy soup. If you are in a diet program, fat burning soup diet is really recommended because this soup will help you to reduce unwanted fats quickly. Here’s the formula:

500 g of cabbage
170 g of carrots
300 g of cauliflower
100 g of mushroom
50 g of green beans
300 g of tomatoes
100 g of onions
20 g of garlic (diced or whole)
50 g red pepper
A bit of ginger
0.1 liters of olive oil
1.5 liters of water
1 tsp. of tomato sauce
1 tsp. of soy sauce
A touch of celery, spice up, salt and parsley

Additional ingredients:
2 pieces of bouillon
1.0 liters of veggie juice (or fruit juice)

Cooking directions:
1# wash and cut all vegetables (cabbage, carrots, mushroom, cauliflower). 
2# chop tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, and pepper.
3# put all items of 1# and 2# into a pot.
4# add water, olive oil, tomato sauce, soy sauce, veggie juice, green beans, and bouillon into the pot
5# steam the pot on low heat for about 2 hours
6# add celery, spice up, salt and parsley into the pot as much as you want
7# serve it whenever you want to eat

  • If you don’t have veggie juice, or fruit juice, you may add some more waters.
  • It’s better to serve when it’s hot, you may re-heat the pot in the microwave whenever you get starving.
  • It can be served for 10-12 portion
  • You are allowed to eat this soup in a week, as much as you want.
You may try this fat burning soup recipe to support your total diet, or you can simply follow the diet plan and add this soup with your daily meals. This way will reduce your caloric intake. Here’s the diet plan;

You may eat any fruit you want on the 1st day, except apples. You may get fresh vegetables on the 2nd day and a boiled spud with butter for your dinner. Then, fruit and vegetables on the 3rd day will be much healthier except apples. On the 4th day, all products which are fat-free can be your best choice, plus the soup and bananas. You may get rice or green beans on the 5th day and you can eat meat (in the form of beef) on the 6th day. End it up with fresh vegetables and natural grain on the 7th day.

In order to get the maximum level of diet, you need to consume lots of fresh water and get enough rest while eating fat burning soup diet. Besides, you also need to be active and take your time to do sports. The last, good luck with your diet program and don’t forget to try this fat burning soup recipe and eat your soup.


  1. 500 grams of cabbage?? Does it cook down?
    I'm not the world's biggest cabbage fan- but I could eat it in soup...but that still sounds like a LOT o' cabbage.

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